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TRU HOOD'S Mission Statement:

TRU is a movement that is committed to providing substantial satisfaction to the youth of this day and age by helping them to higher their standards/expectations in life while leaving a long standing legacy.”·

Philosophy:TRU believes that no one is the product of their environment, but is a factor of its outcome…

”TRU Ent: Providing satisfaction to the community and leaving a legacy, long standing. It is dedicated to the nourishment of the youth, getting kids off the street, commencing motivational movements: helping the youth to see the world and a bigger picture. Giving them higher expectations of life.

Thank you for your Time

Tru Hood Ent is a Site Based off Photography,Playwright, Dj Service ,and New and Old Music by Yours Truly, Tru Hood 
Based Out of Chicago, IL 60629

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