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Christopher "Tru " Hood
Sound Design Portfolio

Final Demo Reel


Although I feel like I haven't achieved much, taking this course has taught me a great deal. This month has been particularly challenging for me as I have been juggling work, parenting, and completing this course to the best of my ability. December is always a tough month for me as it marks the anniversary of losing my grandmother, who was my best friend. Being a full-time father, student, and tech coordinator for a high school in Chicago Public Schools has been overwhelming. Additionally, the course has been challenging due to my older iMac and MacBook Pro not being suitable for the necessary software, making it hard to complete assignments. Despite these difficulties, I have put in my best effort and I hope that anyone who sees my portfolio appreciates my work. Although it may not be my best work due to my circumstances, I have done my best to attain the best possible outcome. I have faced setbacks, especially with my computers, but I am determined to keep pushing forward and provide the best work possible. I am confident that with hard work and dedication, I can reach my goals. I must admit that I encountered several obstacles while working on this course. For instance, my hard drive crashed, causing me to lose most of the sound effects I had created. I had to re-create or re-download them, which was very stressful. To overcome this challenge, I created an intro video from scratch using Fillmore, which I found quite helpful. I also used the Foley, from my boy, who is a racer, to help me with the tire sound. For the other sounds, I downloaded some from Samone, and I had my kids help me out with the walking at our church parking lot, which we used for the walk-in. During the last week of the third assignment, my MacBook Pro did not give me the necessary support to complete the assignment in Wwise software, and the iMac did not recognize that software. So, I completed it at work, but it was still the best I could give. Thank you for having me in your class in December 2023. I hope you have a great and happy holiday.

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